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Root Beer Soda

Root Beer Soda


Sprecher fire-brewed craft root beer has the rich, creamy flavor that comes from using pure honey. Our brewing team skillfully combines a host of flavors in our gas-fired brew kettle, then ages it just long enough to achieve peak flavor, a super creamy mouthfeel, and a frothy head. Sprecher Root Beer was rated best in the nation by the New York Times. Try some yourself and see why.

This soda is certified Kosher


Carbonated Water, Glucose Syrup, Maltodextrin, Raw WI Honey, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate (As a Preservative), Phosphoric Acid, Quillaia/Yucca Extract, Sodium Chloride, Natural Caramel Color.

Nutritional info

Serving Size: 1 Bottle (16 fl oz). Amount per serving: Calories 260, Total Fat 0g, Sodium 75mg (3% daily value), Total Carb. 65g (24% daily value), Total Sugars 51g, Incl. 51g Added Sugars (102% daily value), Protein 0g. 2%. Calcium 2% daily value, Vit. D, Iron, and Potas. 0% daily value.

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Learn About Root Beer

Sprecher Root Beer Can

What is the flavor of root beer?

Root Beer was originally flavored by a variety of roots and herbs including sarsaparilla, sassafras, and wintergreen.

Many of these plants were originally used by indigenous north Americans to brew medicinal teas. Early European colonists wanted to take advantage of the healing properties of these roots, but changed the traditional recipes to suit their own tastes and brewing practices.

Like all medicines, root brews have side effects. In 1960, the FDA discovered that Sassafras oil can cause liver damage and banned its use in food.

Ever since, companies that make root beer have used blends of extracts meant to imitate the flavor of Sassafras while avoiding the health risks. Randy Sprecher, the founder of Sprecher Brewery, came up with his own recipe that is a closely guarded secret.

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Does root beer contain caffeine?

Root beer is naturally caffeine-free. None of the ingredients used to make root beer normally contain caffeine.

Some brands of root beer choose to add caffeine to their recipes, but Sprecher root beer is caffeine free. We understand that people may want to avoid drinking caffeine, and we want to make sure they can still enjoy the best root beer in America.

We at Sprecher also understand that some people LOVE caffeine, so we offer a caffeinated version of our root beer called Rev'd up Root Beer. It tastes every bit as good as our regular root beer and includes a jolt of caffeine!

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Is root beer a beer or a soda?

Sprecher root beer is a soda and it does not contain any alcohol.

However, historical root beers have not always been alcohol-free. Root beer was likely first brewed by early American colonists, and in those days it really was a weak beer made with roots.

Medieval Europeans would make weak "small beers" to have a clean, tasty and nutritious source of drinking water. In the Americas, it just made sense to Europeans to make small beers using local roots like sassafras. Colonists would not drink root beer or other small beers to get drunk; they typically were less than 2% alcohol by volume.

These days, most commercial root beers--including Sprecher root beer--contain no alcohol. This allows many more people to enjoy root beer including children, people with health conditions, and people who choose not to drink alcohol for any number of reasons.

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