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New York Times - Sprecher is the Best Root Beer in America

Our No. 1 root beer, from Sprecher in Wisconsin, a wonderfully balanced and complex brew ... [f]or me, it was the integration and balance of flavors. [Sprecher Root Beer is s]picy with well-integrated flavors, soft carbonation and a creamy texture.

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Tasting Table - Sprecher is the Best Root Beer Brand

Here it is. The top dog... or griffin, as the case (of root beer) may be. From the mighty fires of Sprecher Brewing in Glendale, WI springs the honey-sweetened and malted root beer nectar of the gods ... And yes, Sprecher really is fire-brewed! [Sprecher] makes use of honey ... to give this brew a truly wonderful topography of flavors hosting a flora of foam. Rich and creamy were devised as words to accurately describe this soda.

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Sporked - Sprecher Root Beer is one of the Best Root Beers you can buy in 2022 

[Sprecher Root Beer] comes in an extremely pleasing, chonky-as-heck bottle. And the label features a fun-loving blackbird or crow or raven brandishing a frothy mug of root beer and a bottle. But it doesn’t just look good. It also tastes good. “It’s smooth, dark, and very rich,” Chappie said. Perhaps that’s because it’s sweetened with honey. 8/10 Sporks.

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UPROXX  - Sprecher Cherry Cola is the Best in a Blind Taste Test of 12 Cherry Sodas

The top spot in our blind cherry cola taste test goes to Sprecher ... For this cherry cola, Sprecher infuses a cola base with Door County cherry juice and blends the brew with real Wisconsin honey, resulting in a complex bouquet of flavors that taste natural, fruity, and floral, but still delivers that characteristic cola bite. You can really smell and taste that natural cherry juice in this, it cuts through the flavor in a way that none of the other bottles could, and for that alone I think it deserves the top spot.