Sprecher Beer List

A can of Sprecher Special Amber beer

Special Amber

Vienna-Style Lager | 5% ABV  | Available All Year

Smooth and flavorful, Special Amber has been our flagship beer ever since 1985. So easy drinking it’s perfect for any occasion. Start with the creamy head, golden color and impressive hop nose. Then sip back and enjoy the masterful balance of semi-sweet and bready malts with choice hops. When you reach the dry, slightly hoppy finish, you’ll understand why Special Amber is such a popular beer.

A can of Sprecher Black Bavarian beer

Black Bavarian

Schwarzbier | 6% ABV | Available All Year

Our signature beer, Black Bavarian, is renowned for its drinkability. This light to medium-bodied Schwarzbier (black beer) features superb malt and hop complexity. Beneath the creamy tan head, within the lager’s smooth mouthfeel lie flavors and aromas suggesting dark roasted coffee, caramel and bittersweet chocolate. Masterful hopping makes Black Bavarian both lighter and drier than expected. It has a pleasingly long finish. The kind that lingers just enough between sips, the kind that makes this rich flavored brew so easy to drink.

A can of Sprecher Hefe Weiss beer

Hefe Weiss

Unfiltered Wheat Ale | 4.4% ABV | Available All Year

True to style, we ferment our Hefe Weiss with a German yeast culture. Don’t be put off by the cloudy appearance that comes from course-filtering—that’s a sign of a Bavarian-style wheat ale. Relax and appreciate the immense creamy head resting atop this lightly hopped ale. Take a sip of refreshing spice, hints of citrus and tropical fruit. The addition of wheat malt creates a mouthfeel smooth as a warm summer breeze. 

A can of Sprecher Abbey Triple beer

Abbey Triple

Belgian-Style Tripel Ale | 8.5% ABV | Available All Year

Our Belgian-style Tripel ale, Abbey Triple remains true to its origins and a classic example of the beer style. Brewed using a Belgian Trappist tripel yeast culture, the finest imported pale barley, Belgian aromatic malt and oats, this flavorful golden ale has a fruity bouquet, refined taste and pleasingly dry finish. 

A can of Sprecher Pineapple X-Press beer

Pineapple X-Press

Dry-hop Belgian-style Triple | 8.4% ABV | Available All Year

The Pineapple X-Press is brewed and dry-hopped with the choicest of Mosaic, Ekuanot, and Zythos hops. This juicy Triple will bring a smile to your face with big tropical flavors and aromas of pineapple, melon, and mango. Crack open a can and put your feet up. 

A can of Sprecher Juicy IPA beer

Juicy IPA

Juicy IPA | 5% ABV | Available All Year

Juicy IPA is a juicy light-bodied pale ale with a fruit-forward aroma reminiscent of pear, green grape, and pineapple. Juicy IPA pours a pale yellow with a slight haze. Its fruity aroma inspires relaxation, even miles from the tropics. Juicy fruit aromas combine with a light body and soft bitterness to make a tempting session pale ale. 

A can of Sprecher Mai Bock beer

Mai Bock

Blonde Bock | 6% ABV | Spring Seasonal

Experience pale malt flavors deftly balanced with savory hops in our spring lager. Dry hopping and extended aging give this blonde bock its distinctive floral aroma, enticing hop bite, and smooth malt finish.  

A can of Sprecher Festbier beer


Festbier | 5.3% ABV | Summer Seasonal

Balancing strength and drinkability, our Fest Bier is a crisp lager accentuating the flavor of traditional European style malts. Light in hop character, this style is inspired by the traditional fest beers of Germany.

A bottle and mug of Sprecher Oktoberfest beer


Marzen | 5.5% ABV | Fall Seasonal

The season is short, so hoist a stein of our Oktoberfest while it’s available. Celebrate the transition from summer into autumn with this copper-orange lager that’s fit for a Prinz, featuring toasted and caramel malts. The slightly fruity nose suggests summer’s fading warmth, but the creamy and lean mouthfeel of this medium-bodied lager directs you elsewhere. Savoring its malty sweetness, mild hop spiciness and clean finish will help you appreciate fall’s splendors. 

A bottle of Sprecher Winter Lager beer

Winter Lager

Munich-Style Dunkel | 5.9% ABV | Winter Seasonal

If the weather outside is frightful, fear not, with our Winter Lager at hand. Few things accompany long winter nights as well as this award-winning Munich-style Dunkel. Our brewmaster’s flavorful blend of dark roasted and caramel malts give this lager a smooth yet robust profile.