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Does Sprecher Root Beer Contain Caffeine?

Does Sprecher Root Beer Contain Caffeine?

One of the most common questions about root beer is whether it contains caffeine. 

The answer is: Yes and no. 

All root beer is naturally caffeine-free, and brands such as A&W, Mug and Dad's do not contain caffeine. But there are exceptions to the rule, most notably Barq's does contain caffeine. 

Sprecher Root Beer falls in line with most popular brands. Our fire-brewed flavor with real honey does not contain caffeine. You can rest assured that Sprecher Root Beer flavor won't keep you up at night.  

However, if you prefer your root beer with a kick, Sprecher can help with that too. The same amazing Sprecher Root Beer flavor is available with a caffeine pick-me-up in our Rev'd Up Root Beer version. 

Rev'd Up Root Beer is perfect as an afternoon treat, a weekend pick me up, or a delicious source of extra energy whenever you may need it. It's our classic Sprecher Root Beer, with an extra perk. 

Sprecher Caffeinated Beverages 

Beyond root beer, Sprecher has both caffeinated and caffeine free varieties of craft sodas. The caffeinated line of sodas include Citrus Splash and Dr. Sprecher. You can also try all three caffeinated sodas in the Sprecher caffeinated variety 12-pack. 

If you prefer to mix and match your caffeine-free and caffeinated beverages, you can find original Sprecher Root Beer at several coffee shops, including Fiddleheads, Stone Creek Coffee, Haystack Coffee and more destinations. Latte with a Sprecher Root Beer chaser, anyone? 

Sprecher Root Beer can also be infused in cold brew coffee. Pilcrow Coffee makes a Sprecher Root Beer float cold brew with caffeine that uses Sprecher Root Beer extract. You can also get Pilcrow cold brew versions of Sprecher Orange Dream and Sprecher Cherry Cola. 

Pilcrow Sprecher cold brew

Along with the caffeinated version, you can find Sprecher Root Beer¬†in a variety of styles, all delicious: Bottles,¬†cans,¬†low calorie, and¬†maple¬†‚Äď‚Äď you can even make your own with¬†Sprecher Root Beer syrup extract.¬†

Sprecher Root Beer is great on its own, but even better when you pair it with ice cream. Make a root beer float with any of our varieties. 

Can't decide on just one Sprecher Root Beer? You're in luck, you can order our Sprecher Root Beer variety pack online. 

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Which drinks are caffeine free? Thank you very much.

Steven Hataway

Love it
Got it at dollar stòre

Patricia Jones

I just ordered the Revd up Sprecher and was wondering how much caffeine is in it

Dawn Morrow

Hi delicious but you do not state the amount of caffeine. I would like to know how much caffeine is in it. Or is the energy the honey flavor sugar taste. I love honey!

Margaret A McCarty

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