Sprecher: Undisputed Best Root Beer in America

Sprecher: Undisputed Best Root Beer in America

Sprecher Brewery's signature craft root beer is the best root beer in the world. Period. End of story. 

Is it the rich creamy flavor fire-brewed in kettles to perfection by our brew masters? The sweetness from using raw natural honey? Our long craft beverage tradition? Hint: It's all of the above that makes the taste and experience incredible. 

Variety of Sprecher Root Beer Styles 

You can get Sprecher Root Beer in a variety of styles, all delicious: Bottles, cans, low-calorie, caffeinated (Rev'd Up Root Beer) and maple –– you can even make your own with Sprecher Root Beer syrup extract. 

Can't decide on just one Sprecher Root Beer? You're in luck, you can order our Sprecher Root Beer variety pack online. 

Sprecher Root Beer is great on its own, but even better when you pair it with ice cream. Make a root beer float with any of our varieties. 

You can try a Sprecher Root Beer float for FREE at this year's Welcome to Glendale Sprecher Root Beer Bash on Saturday, August, 6. Sign up to get your free tickets. 

Don’t just take it from us, take it from those who have tasted Sprecher all across the globe. Everyone from The New York Times to Tasting Table to our loyal Sprecher fans have wonderful things to say about Sprecher Root Beer. 

Read on to hear why Sprecher is the BEST! 

Sprecher Root Beer testimonials 

Our No. 1 root beer, from Sprecher in Wisconsin, a wonderfully balanced and complex brew... Spicy with well-integrated flavors, soft carbonation and a creamy texture. –– The New York Times 

Here it is. The top dog... or griffin, as the case (of root beer) may be. From the mighty fires of Sprecher Brewing in Glendale, WI springs the honey-sweetened and malted root beer nectar of the gods. –– Tasting Table 

Sprecher makes one of the greatest root beers of all time. –– Meredith E., Portland, OR

Sprecher Root Beer bottles

Conclusion: Sprecher Root Beer is the definition of a good root beer. It has a great smell, awesome head, perfect carbonation, and stellar flavor. I really can’t think of anything that I don’t like about this brew. It has a flavor that should be a big crowd pleaser thanks to its smoothness and sweetness. This would also be a great brew for root beer floats with the awesome head that it produces. Basically, this brew is an easy “A” and an easy “Editor’s Choice.” Sometimes I really have to debate about what grade to give a brew. There is no question that this fine beverage deserves high marks and deserves a place in your fridge –– Root Beer Reviews 

Best root beer ever! Stopped by to stock up on rootbeer while visiting family. So excited I could buy cans, I brought two 24 packs home to Texas. –– Sara G., Conroe, TX

This is by far the best bottled root beer. You can definitely taste the pure honey and vanilla. Sprecher definitely sets the standard for high quality root beer. It also makes the best root beer floats! –– Adam S., Kenosha WI

Sprecher Root Beer Float

This is heaven in a bottle. Its a true refreshing rootbeer with high quality ingredients. This is a must try. –– Amanda V., Brookville, IN

This was a beautifully smooth brew. There’s some bite from traditional root beer spices, but the finish is velvet. I shy away from honey in most sodas but this honey was balanced well with vanilla and other aromatic notes. If you’re someone who loves a foamy head on your root beer then this is your brew. –– Sodafry

Love this root beer. It has a very spicy finish, not too sweet. Definitely summertime is essential. –– Jenna O., Bloomfield Hills, MI

The most important part of this recipe is quality root beer. So I used Sprecher Root Beer which is just so dang good and creamy." –– Chef Billy Parisi, in his root beer float recipe 

I grew up drinking root beer but after drinking this one I won't ever go back to the other brands, it's just that good! –– Jackie R.

This is bar far the best soda I have ever had! I've tasted all of the Sprecher flavors and I haven't been disappointed by any of them. –– Natalie A., Fontana

Have you tried Sprecher Root Beer? Why did you think it was the BEST? Leave your thoughts in the comments! 


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Just started selling your product at my restaurant customers identified your brand and ask for it with proper pronunciation. And our son likes it. 🤙🏼

Carlos Reyes

I am a huge fan of Sprecher’s Craft Sodas, particularly the flagship root beer. I was buying it at Rural King but they suddenly stopped carrying it, thankfully I learned today that Menard’s carries it, I purchased a 24 pack of root beer and a 4 pack of Citrus Splash and Dr Sprecher’s.


I’ve been loving your Puma Kola and regular and maple root beer for several years now. I’m a California and discovered Sprecher at BevMo, but now for economy I order the Puma Kola concentrate bottles and mix with Crystal Geyser sparling water from Costco LOL! Please put some big bottles of Maple Root Beer concentrate on the site!!!

Avery Ray Colter

I’ve been enjoying root beer in excess of half a century and was introduced to Sprecher Root Beer in a very roundabout way. I couldn’t be happier that it is becoming more available without sacrificing taste! I’ve become a local hero to share this nectar of the gods.

Bill Robins

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