Sprecher Summer Taste Guide

Sprecher Summer Taste Guide

With summer finally making an appearance, here at Sprecher we have some recipes that will show off your grilling skills as well as some cocktails sure to cool you down on a hot summer day. This taste guide is sure to help you have a Sprecher Summer. 


7 Sprecher Craft Mocktails 

The Perfect NA Beverages for Memorial Day

Sprecher Soda Variety 

Trying to limit alcohol consumption this Memorial Day? Our mocktails are perfect for everyone! Ranging from something sweet to caffeinated, from new to classic. Here is our take on classic cocktails without alcohol. Linked below are 7 recipes perfect for hot summer days, late night bonfires or even a little pick me up. 

 7 Sprecher Craft Mocktails - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 

Sprecher New Craft Lemonade 

Is it even summer without Lemonade?

Sprecher New Lemonade 

We’ve recently introduced our new lemonade line (as well as a sparkling option), perfect for a hot summer day. We of course had to put our own Sprecher twist on these summer options. Now tell me are more of a Greg, Linda or Lauren? Not sure? Check out the link below to full recipe details and see which one matches you best. 

Full recipes: Sprecher Shandy Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 

4 Sprecherita Cocktail Recipe  

Who doesn't love a good margarita?


Try out our margarita recipe that would be perfect for a cocktail challenge. Get you and some friends/family together for a simple mixology class using some of your favorite Sprecher sodas like Grape, Orange dream, Strawberry and Citrus Splash. See which makes your perfect margarita mix for the summer. 

Check out the full recipe here: Sprecherita Cocktail Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 

Sprecher Beermosa Cocktail Recipe  

  Beer + Mimosa = A good time

 Sprecher Beermosa

We’ve come up with a cocktail perfect for summer sipping. Using our Hefe Weiss wheat ale, that has citrus and tropical fruit notes mixed with a breakfast favorite, orange juice and topped with of splash of our sweet cherry cola is sure to be a refreshing drink to sip on this summer. 

Full recipe is linked here: Sprecher Beermosa Cocktail Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 


Sprecher Maple Root Beer Brat Recipe  

 Looking for a new twist to a summer classic?

Sprecher Maple Root Beer Brat 

We already know how good a beer brat is but let’s add something new to your summer cook book. Maple Root Beer brats. These brats are grilled to deliciousness using our Maple Root beer. Add some of our Sprecher Root beer mustard and you are sure to have an amazing BBQ. This recipe will definitely impress friends and family during tailgates, cookouts or whenever you're craving a good ole brat.   

The full Recipe can be found here: Sprecher Maple Root Beer Brat Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 


Cherry Cola BBQ sauce recipe 

 A new take on BBQ Sauce

Sprecher Cherry Cola BBQ sauce  

Check out our latest recipe from Andrew, our controller here at Sprecher. This recipe is sure to turn heads at your next grilling session. 

Here is the link to this sweet and spicy recipe: Cherry Cola BBQ Sauce Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 


Dr Sprecher Bake Beans Recipe

A classic BBQ side dish , with a twist

Dr Sprecher Baked Beans 

This simple and easy recipe is sure to impress your taste buds. Our Cherry Cola gives you a flavor like never before. Try our take on baked beans at your next BBQ and let us know what you think. 

Full recipe can be found here: Dr Sprecher Baked Beans Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 


Sprecher Orange Dream Cake 

Need something sweet? 

Orange Dream Cake 

In need of a good dessert but want something a bit lighter? This recipe is sure to help out with that sweet tooth. Our popular Orange Dream Soda plus white cake mix leaves you with a light, fluffy and sweet dessert. This dessert just reminds you of a yummy orange dreamsicle without the brain freeze.  

Check out the full recipe here: Sprecher Orange Dream Cake Recipe - Sprecher Brewing Company (sprecherbrewery.com) 




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