Sprecher Beermosa Cocktail Recipe

Sprecher Beermosa Cocktail Recipe

In honor of National Mimosa Day, we came up with a Sprecher Beermosa cocktail recipe great for this day and makes a perfect brunch beverage. It uses our Hefe Weiss which is a Bavarian-style wheat ale with refreshing spice and hints of citrus and tropical fruit. The combination with orange juice and a touch of sweet Cherry Soda makes for a mouthwatering cocktail.

Prep time: 2 minutes

Yields 1 Beermosa

Recipe Ingredients

4 oz Sprecher Hefe Weiss

Splash of Cherry Soda

4 oz orange juice

Recipe Instructions

Pour the Hefe Weiss into a pint glass and top it off with orange juice and the splash of Cherry Soda. If you prefer a sweeter Beermosa, feel free to add more Cherry Soda until you get to the desired taste. Enjoy!

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