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Black Bear Orange Soda 12 Pack

Black Bear Orange Soda 12 Pack

LEGEND SINCE 1931: Long ago, under a full moon deep in the Wisconsin northern woods, this legendary Black Bear was first seen devouring a bag of oranges. Prowling the wilderness for decades since, Clara and her descendants have been spotted across North America in the most remote forests on the continent sampling the fruits of America. Delicious and one of a kind, Black Bear Sodas honor “The Legend” - Enjoy this Rare and Refreshing Collection!


Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Glucose Syrup, Contains 2% or less of: Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Gum Arabic, Yellow 6, Ester Gum, Brominated Soybean Oil, Red 40.

Nutritional info

Nutrition Facts. Serv. size: 1 bottle (12 fl oz). Amount Per Serving: Calories 140, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholest. 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 30mg (1% DV), Total Carb. 36g (13% DV), Fiber 0g (0% DV), Total Sugars 35g (Incl. 35g Added Sugars, 70% DV), Protein 0g, Vit. D (0% DV), Calcium (0% DV), Iron (0% DV), Potas. (0% DV).

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