When is National Root Beer Float Day in 2022?

When is National Root Beer Float Day in 2022?

National Root Beer Float Day is August 6, 2022, which this year falls on a Saturday.

To celebrate National Root Beer Float Day, Sprecher is offering FREE root beer floats as part of the Welcome to Glendale Sprecher Root Beer Bash, hosted at BAYSHORE and made with delicious custard supplied by Culver's of BAYSHORE. 

We at Sprecher will use any excuse to celebrate our root beer, which has been ranked the BEST root beer in the nation by Tasting Table, the New York Times and more. 

It's so easy to make a delicious float treat by combining your choice ratio of custard or ice cream with our Sprecher Root Beer. 

"The most important part of this recipe is quality root beer," says Chef Billy Parisi in his own root beer float recipe, "So I used Sprecher Root Beer which is just so dang good and creamy." 

So wherever you are on this National Root Beer Float Day, we hope you'll raise and glass and treat yourself. 

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