Visiting the Root Beer Capital of the Universe

Visiting the Root Beer Capital of the Universe

As part of its Hometowns series, CBS recently visited Sprecher Brewery and Glendale to highlight "The Root Beer Capital of the Universe." 

"Did you know that the best root beer is made in Glendale, Wisconsin? That's what The New York Times says," announced CBS 58 anchor Natalie Shepherd. 

"We put happiness in a bottle or a glass, and that's what we're about," CEO Sharad Chadha told reporter Amanda Porterfield. 

CBS 58's Amanda Porterfield

The spotlight took viewers behind the scenes to show the fire-brewing process for making root beer, craft beer and craft sodas at Sprecher, which includes using local ingredients like raw honey. 

Sprecher's craft beverages are caramelized in small batches with fire-heated kettles, which slowly release the maximum bold flavor. The cameras showed off the hand-crafted process at Sprecher's Glendale facility. 

"We know the community, and it's about growing the community," Chadha said. 

Along with Sprecher, the Hometowns spotlight featured Kletzsch Park, The Brick Pub and Grille, Solly’s Grille and Richard E. Maslowski Community Park. 

Watch the clip at CBS 58. 

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