Sprecher Helps The Bear Earn Three Golden Globes

Sprecher Helps The Bear Earn Three Golden Globes

A few days ago the hit FX TV series The Bear swiped up three Golden Globes for its critically acclaimed story of the never-ending struggles in the hospitality industry based in Chicago. The show itself was lauded as the best comedy television series of the year, and Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White were recognized as best Actress and Actor in the same category.  

Now, do we think these Golden awards were bestowed upon The Bear because this is an incredible show with an amazing storyline and impeccable acting?  

No doubt about it! These rewards were richly deserved. 

However, we also believe that there were a couple of overlooked silent partners in this great success. Two unassuming but game-changing supporting actors who lurked in the background of the show, stoically setting the scene without stealing the stage. Effervescent but laid back—Stanley Tucci types, you might say. 

Who were these mysterious two? We’ll give you a hint: they are two glittering icons of the Upper Midwest who have stood the test of time, as reliable as the brutal winters and the Chicago Cubs’ losing streak. One appears every March for St. Patrick’s day, and the other is a year-round treat that has achieved national recognition.  

Sprecher Root Beer and Green River Soda, of course! 

These two powerhouses absolutely shine in the bear. You can see Sprecher Root Beer making its cameo in Season One at the top of the page. Green River is a little more camera shy, but you can see it being poured during the staff dinner break in Episode 1. 

We are typically too tragically Midwestern to toot our own horn here at Sprecher, but we’d like to humbly petition the Golden Globes committee to consider our contributions to The Bear. Best supporting sodas in a television comedy series? We think so. 

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