WI Old Fashioned Recipes

WI Old Fashioned Recipes

Sprecher Craft Sodas Combine with Central Standard Spirits for Simple & Delicious Sprecher Cocktail Recipes

If you’re from Wisconsin, you know that Old Fashioneds are a staple cocktail anywhere you go. Whether you like them with brandy, bourbon, prefer them sweet or sour, you can’t go wrong. In this Sprecher Cocktail Recipe, we decided to take a spin on this classic WI cocktail recipe using Sprecher craft sodas and a local spirits partner! The Old Fashioned Sprecher Cocktail Recipes are going to soon become your favorite, so keep reading!

A local craft soda powerhouse and a local spirits powerhouse coming together results in some pretty delicious tasting drinks. We were lucky enough to take a trip to Central Standard Distillery this week and mix up some tasty cocktails using their spirits.

As two local Wisconsin companies, we had to start off with our take on an Old Fashioned for this Sprecher Cocktail Recipe. While we were brainstorming with the great bartender at Central Standard, we decided that two is better than one. We created two separate Old Fashioneds using Sprecher Orange Dream and Sprecher Cherry Soda

1. Orange Dream Old Fashioned Sprecher Cocktail Recipe

The first Sprecher Cocktail Recipe is the Orange Dream Old Fashioned. Central Standard’s North Wisconsin Brandy compliment sweet Sprecher Orange Dream craft soda in the best way. The subtle oak notes in Brandy mixed with the Orange sweetness of Orange Dream Soda work great together. This recipe is simple and perfect for when you are entertaining a crowd and want some quick and easy.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yields 1 Drink

Recipe Ingredients

1 bottle Sprecher Orange Dream Soda

1 shot of Brandy

Dash of Orange bitters

Orange slice for garnish (optional)

Recipe Instructions

Start by adding ice to a rocks glass. Add the shot of brandy and top it off with Sprecher Orange Dream Soda. Add a dash of bitters and then stir. Garnish with an orange slice if desired. Enjoy!

2. Cherry Soda Old Fashioned Sprecher Cocktail Recipe

Next, and just as easy as the first cocktail recipe, we created a Cherry old Fashioned. We mixed our Door County Cherry Soda with Central Standards Red Cabin Bourbon which created a nice spin on a WI classic drink. Sprecher Cherry Soda is made with Door County cherry juice, so it fits right into our theme of WI local cocktails. The sweet cherry juice along with delicious honey makes a tasty craft soda on its own, but is even better in this cocktail. If you are a bourbon fan, this cocktail recipe is definitely for you, but is also mouthwatering enough for all to enjoy.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Yields 1 Drink

Recipe Ingredients

1 bottle Sprecher Cherry Soda

1 shot of Bourbon

Cherries for garnish (optional)

Recipe Instructions

Pour the shot of bourbon over ice and to it off with Sprecher Cherry Soda. Add the cherry for garnish if desired. Enjoy!

While we made two separate Sprecher Cocktail Recipes, the Orange Dream Old Fashioned and the Cherry Old Fashioned, you could definitely combine the two with your favorite Central Standard spirit to create a delicious Sprecher cocktail recipe. Garnish it with an orange slice and some cherries and you are good to go.

Like I said earlier, these Old Fashioned recipes are easy, but don’t forget about how delicious they are! Stop at Central Standard and pick up a few bottles of spirits and simply mix them with Sprecher craft sodas… You can even find Central Standards Door County Cherry Vodka in our Glendale gift shop. Visit the Sprecher Gift Shop at 701 W. Glendale Ave in Glendale, WI. We are open Monday-Saturday 11AM until 7PM and Sunday 11AM until 4PM.

Cheers to delicious Sprecher Cocktail Recipes!

We want to see you trying out some Sprecher Cocktail Recipes! I highly recommend these super easy Old Fashioneds. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok.

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