Mimosa Mocktail Recipe

Mimosa Mocktail Recipe

Embrace the spirit of Dry January with a burst of flavor! Who says you can't indulge in delicious sips while staying alcohol-free? Say hello to our vibrant Mimosa Mocktail, a refreshing twist that lets you savor the joy of a classic mimosa without the spirits. This recipe blends Orange Dream with Ginger Ale soda for a mouthwatering and easy mocktail.


Prep time: 3minutes

Yields: 1 mocktail


4 oz Orange Dream Soda

4 oz Ginger Ale Soda

Orange Slice for garnish 


1. Fill a glass up with ice. Pour the Orange Dream and Ginger Ale Soda over ice.

2. Add a squeeze of fresh orange juice if desired and top with an orange slice for garnish. Enjoy!

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