How to make your own soda with Sprecher extracts

How to make your own soda with Sprecher extracts

Are looking for a fun DIY project? Do you want to save money on delicious craft soda? Are you dreaming of kegging soda for home bar or small buisness? Sprecher soda extracts are a fun and easy way to do all of those things and more!

In this post, you'll learn what Sprecher soda extracts are and how to use them.

What is Soda Extract?

Sprecher soda extract is everything that goes into a Sprecher soda except the carbonated water. It's just that simple.

We sell Root Beer Extract, Cream Soda Extract, Cherry Cola Extract, and Orange Dream Extract right here on our online store. 

If you follow our recommendations, you can use these extracts to make Sprecher Craft Soda at home or for your business without compromising on quality or taste!

How Do I Use Soda Extract?

Using Sprecher soda extract is easy: combine one part extract with four parts carbonated water, and you're done! There are a couple of ways to accomplish this in small batches at home, or you can use a kegging system to make a big batch all at once.

Make Sprecher Soda with Carbonated Water

The easiest way to make a small batch of Sprecher soda is to buy unflavored sparkling water at the store and combine four parts sparkling water with one part soda extract. Mix thoroughly, and enjoy cold. 

For more consistent results, you can also use Sprecher soda extract with a home carbonation system. There are many home carbonation systems available at different price points. Each works a little differently, so be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

When making Sprecher soda at home, don't be afraid to get creative! We recommend a 4:1 water to extract ratio, but if you like your soda sweeter or milder, change it up. You can also combine extracts, add ingredients of your own, or use extract as an ingredient in baking, cocktails, sauces, and more! The sky is the limit.

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Make Sprecher Soda in a Keg

If you want to make a big batch of Sprecher soda for your business or home bar, great news! Sprecher soda extract can be used in a kegging system. Sprecher soda extract is pre-sweetened so there is no need to add anything besides water.

To keg Sprecher soda, begin by cleaning and sanitizing your keg. Then, combine 4 parts water with 1 part extract in your keg, making sure to leave headroom for carbonation to build. Close the keg and attach your CO2 system. Turn the pressure gage to 25 psi. Refrigerate the keg and allow it to carbonate for 3 days. The colder the keg is, the faster it will carbonate, and vice versa.

If possible, shake the keg on day two and day three to help work the carbonation into the liquid. This is not possible with all keg systems, so only shake the keg if you can do so safely.

After three days, reduce the pressure to 15 psi and taste. If the soda is flat, return the pressure to 25 psi for 24 hours and taste again.

To dispense, set the pressure at 5-10 psi for best results. Keep cold. Do not bottle soda dispensed from a keg, as there is a risk the bottles could pressurize and explode. Make sure to follow all instructions provided by your kegging system's manufacturer when kegging Sprecher soda. 

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Storing Sprecher Soda Extract

In cool, dry, dark conditions, unopened Sprecher soda extract will retain freshness for up to two years.

Once opened, Sprecher soda extract should be refrigerated. Properly refrigerated Sprecher soda extract can last up to 6 months in storage.

Consistent exposure to light, high temperatures, or outside air (from being opened many times) will cause the extract to lose its flavor. When in doubt, trust your senses. If the extract or finished soda looks, smells, or tastes off, do not consume it. 

Will Sprecher Soda Extract Save Me Money?


A gallon of extract will make five gallons of soda, which is the same as 40 16oz bottles. Extract sells for $35 on our store, so before shipping and taxes, each pint will cost less than a dollar! We don't even sell root beer that cheap in our own gift shop.

Your savings will be even bigger if you buy in bulk. If you buy four or more gallons of extract, you get an automatic $15 discount on your purchase.

It is hard to get Sprecher quality at a lower price than that!


Sprecher soda extracts allow you to:

  • Make soda at home
  • Incorporate Sprecher flavors into your recipes
  • Keg Sprecher soda for your business or home bar
  • Save money

What's not to love? Order some today and try it for yourself!

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