Door County Cherry Cocktail

Door County Cherry Cocktail

This Door County Cherry cocktail is packed with local Door County cherry flavor both from Sprecher Cherry Soda and the Cherry Vodka. Add a splash of Sprecher Strawberry Water and you have a simple yet delicious cocktail!


Sprecher Cherry Soda is made with high-quality local ingredients like Door County juice as mentioned and also real WI honey. Our handmade gas-fired brew kettle caramelizes the sugars in this soda to perfection, so each small batch is the best it can be.

Prep time: 3 minutes

Yields: 1 cocktail


2 oz Cherry Vodka

6 oz Sprecher Cherry Soda

Splash of Sprecher Strawberry Water


1. Add ice to a glass 

2. Pour the shot of vodka and splash of Strawberry Water

3. Top it off with Cherry Soda and enjoy!

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