April Fools!

April Fools!

April Fool’s! Get 15% off our real sodas using the code FOOL online at checkout.
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ROFL!! I figured this one out before I clicked, but it still made me chuckle! Nicely done!

Arthur Taylor

shlit! i was looking forward to trying it! sounds like a great mixer! [dunno about the "hints of cheeseburger and chicken, but the rest could work!]

r j musat

What an ‘evil’ terrible joke you’ve played among the masses of Bloody Mary fans!😉 That’s purely sadistic!😜 Well, you guys REALLY should try to perfect a Bloody Mary drink like this…do it right and it’ll fly off the shelves! I wish you success on this endeavor…please try!😋👍

Jerry Reardon

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