Sprecher Love Stories

Sprecher Love Stories

For 38 years, Sprecher has been honored to play a role in relationships. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are stories of couples whose fire-brewed relationships are sweet like honey. You can also share yours with us!

Jen Engling Wedding

During our courtship we both shared stories of our mutual love of Sprecher - for me it was enjoying a root beer or Amber on the terrace of the Memorial Union in college in the early 90’s and Brian sharing his hilarious story of unknowingly recommending a Sprecher beer to Randy Sprecher while working at a Greek restaurant in Shorewood. To serving Sprecher root beer on tap at our wedding on September 21, 2002, and most recently this summer serving Sprecher on tap at our son’s high school graduation party. For 30 years Sprecher has remained a constant in our lives, whether it’s enjoying an Amber, root beer or root beer float at our home, a tailgate, a concert, or giving it as a host gift, or schlepping a case across the country for our out of town friends. –– Jen Engling 

Sprecher wedding reception

My wife and I had our wedding reception at the brewery. It was an incredible evening. We even had Sprecher Root Beer made with special labels to memorialize the night. –– Brian Thomas

We discovered Sprecher Cherry Cola at a local deli and it quickly became a weekly tradition, often leaving with a pack of them to drink during the week. Now, for special occasions we order full cases instead of gifts, it really is our family favorite! –– Jennifer Pendergrass

One of our first dates was on a Sprecher tour. –– Angela Simons 

Sprecher the cat

When my husband and I were friends before our romantic relationship, he knew I loved root beer and always wanted to try new kinds. I moved to WI never knowing about Sprecher. So he introduced me to your lovely product! Turns out it’s my favorite! He then would get me “Sorry Sprecher’s” whenever he thought he messed up. Later we got a second cat and I chose the name “Sprecher.” We also had kegs of Sprecher root beer at our wedding!! I also drink one at every work shift to this day. –– Marissa Gillette 

We had Sprecher root beer floats the day we got engaged! –– Rudy Will  

Sprecher wedding label

Being a couple who lives in Wisconsin, we wanted to include Sprecher in some fashion in our wedding. So, we opted to purchase custom-labeled bottles as the giveaway to attendees. When our wedding got delayed due to COVID, Sprecher was nice enough to print new, undated labels for us at no additional charge. We still have a few bottles saved from our special day, and were proud to have Sprecher as part of it! –– Christopher Thelen 

When my wife and I started dating, she lived in Milwaukee. When we would go out for a light lunch, I would steer us to a Cousin’s Subs location, because she could enjoy her favorite sub, while I could get Sprecher from the dispenser. We still love stopping by for subs and root beer.  –– Tom McCormick 

My root better hobby began when I had my first Sprecher Root Beer back when I was a teenager. Sprecher has been a staple in my life since then. My wife and I had our very first date at your restaurant in Lake Geneva, WI! I convinced her to love your sodas as well! Since our first date, we have had many other dates at your Glendale location as well as she lived in Wauwatosa and I lived in Lake Geneva. Though we are sad they have all closed or transitioned into different things. There have been many other times we have incorporated Sprecher products into our lives. When I proposed to her in New Zealand, your sodas were not offered, but I still kept up with my root beer theme and ordered a root beer with my 5-course meal we had a a very fancy restaurant on top of what they call the Sky Tower. When we began planning our wedding, Sprecher obviously had to have a place. We bought some kegs and let it flow. To top it off we also made a "Root Beer Black Russian" as our specialty cocktail of the night! (We learned of that from your restaurants of course!) Lastly, we introduced our son into this world on September of 2021. Even with him we have one of my most cherished photos of him stealing my root beer bottle! Cheers! –– Dillon Christensen 

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