Sprecher Craft Soda Sponsors Wisconsin Offensive Line

Sprecher Craft Soda Sponsors Wisconsin Offensive Line

Sprecher is proud to announce a root beer and craft soda sponsorship with Wisconsin’s star offensive linemen.

This fall football season, 10 offensive linemen will serve as brand ambassadors and share their favorite Sprecher craft soda with the hashtag #SprecherCraftAthlete on social media.

Sprecher CEO Sharad Chadha is thrilled with the agreement.

“This is a great partnership for two Wisconsin champions, whether that’s on the football field or being named the best root beer in the nation,” said Chadha. “Football is the ultimate team sport, so why sponsor one Wisconsin offensive lineman when we can sponsor 10 especially given Wisconsin’s strength at this position. We are excited to partner with these top-notch student-athletes. Nothing goes better than watching a game with Sprecher’s fire-brewed flavor, and the timing could not be better given our recent introduction of the craft industry’s first single-serve 16-ounce can!”

As a group, the players state that they are proud to represent a fellow icon from Wisconsin through this partnership with Sprecher craft sodas. The Wisconsin offensive line will be active Sprecher brand ambassadors through social media, samplings and brand imagery. They are looking forward to a great season both on and off the field.

The sponsorship comes as part of a NCAA name image likeness (NIL) agreement with student athletes. These sponsored student-athletes include:

#50 Logan Brown

#61 Dylan Barrett

#63 Tanor Bortolini

#65 Tyler Beach

#66 Nolan Rucci

#71 Riley Mahlman

#74 Michael Furtney

#75 Joe Tippman

#78 Treyton Wedig

#79 Jack Nelson

Fans can use the code SprecherCraftAthlete for 15% off any Sprecher Root Beer order on the SprecherBrewery.com website. Code good for online orders only.

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Great partnership for two of Wisconsin’s Best!!!

Sallie Braun

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