Sprecher Celebrates National Honey Month

Sprecher Celebrates National Honey Month

Sprecher is proud to join with the National Honey Board to celebrate National Honey Month and take part in the Honey Saves Hives educational program this September. 

The national program spotlights brands that use real honey in their products and bring awareness to the importance of honey bees and their crucial role in our ecosystem and global food supply.

Sprecher uses raw honey in Sprecher Root Beer and craft sodas because our brewery is in Glendale, Wisconsin, and we think it is important to support local beekeepers and farmers. The honey doesn’t have to come a long way to get to us, and we can ensure that every last drop is real, high-quality honey.

Sprecher gets all its honey from Indian Summer Honey Farm in Germantown, Wisconsin, located about a half-hour drive from the brewery. Indian Summer Honey Farm has been operating locally since 1982, and they take superb care of their bees.

Indian Summer Honey farm

Honey is an all-natural sweetener crafted in nature exclusively by honey bees. In addition to producing the delicious honey we know and love, honey bees are also responsible for one-third of the foods we eat, pollinating more than 90 crops, including foods like fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds.

As part of its Honey Saves Hives program, the National Honey Board is partnering with food and beverage brands that are dedicated to protecting honey bees and educating consumers on the ways we can help the honey bee population and our broader ecosystem.

Along with Sprecher, partners include Justin’s, Mary’s Gone Crackers, TEAKOE, This Saves Lives and Tillamook Country Smoker, all actively sharing educational tips to help honey bees. Consumers are encouraged to participate by purchasing honey and made-with-honey products from these partners at retail stores nationwide to make a positive impact.

This year, the National Honey Board is partnering with TV host, food reporter, and lifestyle influencer, Brandi Milloy and influencer Joshua Snyder to drive awareness of the Honey Saves Hives program. Throughout the month, they’ll share more about the importance of purchasing honey and products made with honey to support honey bees.

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