Sprecher Brewery Announces Custom Milwaukee Root Beer Labels for 414 Day

Sprecher Brewery Announces Custom Milwaukee Root Beer Labels for 414 Day

Milwaukee’s original craft brewery celebrates our community with an homage to our roots  

Sprecher Brewery is offering a limited edition 414 Root Beer labels in honor of the company's roots and Milwaukee Day. 

The root beer bottles with custom labels can be purchased on SprecherBrewery.com and in the Sprecher Brewery gift shop. 

The design pays homage to the original Walker's Point location of Sprecher Brewery, which included an iconic smokestack with the Sprecher crest. Each bottle contains Sprecher's award-winning root beer

In addition, Sprecher is offering special $4.14 pricing for all brewery tours to celebrate 4/14 Day on April 14, 2022. Tours for this special promotional price can be booked online at https://bit.ly/414tour

Sprecher’s family-friendly brewery tours offer both craft beer along with unlimited samplings of root beer and craft sodas, perfect for all ages.

Learn about Sprecher Brewery’s history and lore, see the brewhouse and production line, and sip on craft beer, craft soda, and our famous root beer. Tours are normally $12 for adults and $5 for minors under 21. Children aged 5 and under are free.

While bringing our award-winning craft beverages to the national stage, Sprecher Brewery has long been part of the fabric of the local community. Most recently, Sprecher’s civic involvement includes partnering with the Milwaukee County’s Traveling Beer Garden Series, sponsoring the Milwaukee Mile and serving as the official craft beverage of the Tour of America’s Dairyland.

We grew from an idea in the mind of Randy Sprecher to a Milwaukee craft brewing institution proudly owned by a small group of local investors. In 1984, Randy left Pabst and established Sprecher Brewing Co. In 1985 Randy opened our first location at 701 W. Oregon St. in Walker’s Point. He hand-built much of the brewery equipment with friends, including the original gas-fired brew kettle.

Today Sprecher is one of the only breweries in the U.S. that uses fire brewing to create craft beer and soda with bold flavor. It is fire-brewing, plus Raw honey, that makes Sprecher Root Beer the best-tasting root beer in the United States. Don’t believe us? Ask the New York Times. The popularity of Sprecher’s unique craft beverages has led to continued expansion of the facilities. In February of 2020, Randy Sprecher retired having achieved his dreams. He wanted the company to stay in local hands, so he sold it to a small team of Milwaukee investors.

In these capable hands, Sprecher will continue to fire-brew delicious craft sodas and beers in the Milwaukee area. Visit today to see what we are up to! Take the tour to see our lab, brewhouse, and production area, and learn all about our history and craft brewing process. Then, relax in our beer garden and sample craft beverages while munching on local snacks. Become part of the Sprecher story—visit today. Prost!

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