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Have a Sprecher Root Beer Float at Frozen Frog Ice Cream!

4-packs of Sprecher Sodas behind soda floats
Frozen Frog and Sprecher - A match made in heaven

In fact, have whatever kind of float you want! The good people at Frozen Frog Ice Cream carry lots of Sprecher Sodas, and they're happy to let you have it your way. Frozen Frog ice cream in Muskego is a special place--a passion project run by a husband-and-wife team dedicated to quality and community. It shows. They make darned good ice cream!

The Sprecher Team's Visit to Frozen Frog

A few weeks ago, I went with a small group of ambassadors from the Sprecher digital team to visit Frozen Frog Ice Cream. It was closed that day. We didn't know what to expect, and we felt a little bad about making the owners come in on their off day.

When we drove up to the small storefront in Muskego, we were pleasantly surprised to see all the lights were on inside, and the energetic owner Ted Mayer came straight to the door to greet us. As he showed us around the place, we noticed his wife and co-owner, Sue, working hard on something behind the counter.

Sue quickly apologized for the mess (there wasn't much of one) as Ted explained that she was making ice cream. As we quickly learned, Ted and Sue have make all of their own ice cream in-house. While your average ice cream shop buys their inventory and re-sells it, Sue and Ted make all of their own inventory in the shop.

A green river float with a liter of green river in the background
A Green River Float made with Frozen Frog Ice Cream

How does Frozen Frog make all of their own ice cream?

It's not easy. Sue and Ted work 7 days a week, and maintain relationships with a wide variety of local suppliers. They put in lots of research to make sure they are getting the best ingredients on the market, and when a supplier falls through, it can be a challenge for them to find a new one who meets their high standards.

Ted talked with us a lot about why he and Sue chose to do things the hard way, and his passion for the work really came through. He loves the independence that comes with sourcing good ingredients and making his own flavors, and Ted doesn't see the point in selling ice cream unless it's the best.

Ted and Sue's handcrafted ice cream sparks a lot of curiosity from customers. Folks will ask them why they are out of a certain flavor, and customers are always surprised to hear that it's because Ted and Sue need to make more! Needless to say, this keeps customers coming back in the door.

A line of sprecher soda floats
At Frozen Frog, Ted and Sue will mix any of their house-made ice creams with any Sprecher soda they carry!

How do Sue and Ted manage it all?

Although Sue and Ted are the sole owners and employees of Frozen Frog at the moment, they have lots of help from family and friends. When we were there, Ted's Auntie stopped by to give them a hand, and Ted told us about how his mom, Emmy often helps behind the register on busy days.

All three of Ted and Sue's kids work with them as well. Daughters Hailey and Natalie have their own full-time careers, but each works a day or two every week. Their 13 year old son, Iain, works Friday nights, scooping alongside them as well. When opening night came, the Frozen Frog was packed with friends and family eager to try out some ice cream and show support.

The local business community has been great to the Frozen Frog as well. When we were done taking pictures of root beer floats, Sue went to the neighboring businesses to give them away. Before long, the owner of one of the restaurants next door came by with a meal for Sue and Ted, warmly thanking them for the ice cream! Ted talked about how supportive all of the nearby businesses have been in helping them get established in the community and grow. He said they feel truly blessed.

The Frozen Frog is truly a neighborhood business, run by longtime Wisconsinites with a real passion for what they do.

A bottle of sprecher root beer next to a sprecher root beer float with a frozen frog giftcard in the foreground
A Sprecher Root Beer Float made with Frozen Frog Ice Cream

How does Frozen Frog Ice Cream Taste?

The quality of the ice cream at Frozen Frog is undeniable. Everyone I visited with tried it and loved it, and so did I. You can tell that the ingredients are real and fresh. It is creamy, sweet, smooth, and the flavors taste natural. I couldn't resist taking home a pint, and it disappeared in under 48 hours.

Sue and Ted's attention to detail makes all the difference. Their whipped cream is house made. I didn't get to confirm this, but it looked like they were making their own maraschino cherries as well (they definitely tasted better than jarred grocery store cherries).

Best of all--they use Sprecher Soda to make their floats! Sorry, you know I have to plug Sprecher... As a company, we are honored to meet Sue and Ted's high standards. Ted said they didn't have to think twice about using Sprecher Soda. Where else could he source a local, handcrafted soda made with raw honey?

I have to agree with Ted. Their ice cream feels right at home floating in a Sprecher Root Beer. After the photoshoot, I drank a whole root beer float--something I haven't done since I was a kid.

Is Frozen Frog Worth it?

In a word, yes.

Frozen Frog ice cream is made with quality ingredients, and I think it will quickly become a Muskego institution. Sue and Ted make all of their ice cream with love, and it shows.

I recommend the Root Beer float (of course), but for the indecisive, they also have ice cream flights! Whatever you try, you can't go wrong at the Frozen Frog.

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Jared Corbett

Digital Content Manager

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