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5 Reasons Sprecher Soda Subscription Boxes are the Best

I'm going to give it to you straight--some subscriptions are like gym memberships. You get into it for awhile, then you get bored or low on funds, but when you try to cancel you realize you're locked in.

Experiences like that have made me wary of subscribing to anything unless I know what I'm getting into. Let me tell you what you're getting into with a Sprecher Soda Subscription Box--great savings and no commitment. Here are 5 reasons why Sprecher Soda Subscription Boxes beat the rest. If you don't need a reason, click here to start browsing for your favorite soda and subscribe!

1. Subscribing is super easy

Subscribing to Sprecher is super easy. When you're buying your favorite craft soda, lemonade, or sparkling water, all you have to do is hit "subscribe and save" at checkout. Then, you decide whether you want an automatic delivery every month or every three months. All set? Check out like usual, and you're subscribed!  


2. Hassle-free changes and cancellations

Once you're subscribed, you have full access to your subscription details, and you can change them yourself at any time. Simply log in to your Sprecher account or create one if you need to, and then select "manage subscriptions" while logged in. If you're having trouble connecting your subscriptions to your account, you can do so through this link.

Sprecher Account Details Menu

Once you've clicked "manage subscriptions," you can view your active subscriptions, upcoming orders, purchase history, shipping addresses, and payment methods. 

Soda subscriptions menu

Through this menu, you can adjust your subscription however you want! You can change the quantity, frequency, and timing of any active subscription, opt to skip a delivery, change your payment method, switch up your shipping address, or cancel your subscription for any reason. You can also start a new subscription from this menu if you want to try out a new product.

If you have any trouble making the adjustments you need, you can always contact us through live chat on our website or email us at webstore@sprecherbrewery.com and get a helpful response within one business day.

The bottom line: you can change your subscription in any way, at any time of day. No hassle, no questions asked.

3. FREE Shipping

Cherry Soda in a box

Everyone likes free stuff! Sprecher subscription boxes always ship free anywhere in the United States except HI and AK. The cost you see on the listing is the cost you pay (plus applicable taxes). 

4. 10% off Every Order

You know how some companies try to lure you in with a promotional price, and then jack up the price later? Sprecher does the opposite! With Sprecher Subscription Boxes, you get 10% off the base price of the product every time, no matter what. If you order something a lot and you don't subscribe, you're leaving money on the table.

5. Huge Selection

A rainbow of sprecher soda bottles in the grass

At Sprecher we don't like to limit your options. You can subscribe to almost any craft soda, lemonade, or sparking water we offer! You're never locked in to a subscription, so if you don't like the soda, lemonade, or water you're subscribed to, switching to a different one is easy and free. 

That's all, folks!

Getting a Sprecher soda subscription is super easy. Changing or canceling your subscription is free and can be done instantly with 24-hour self-service or by contacting customer service at Sprecher for a speedy, professional response. Once you're subscribed, you get free shipping and 10% off every shipment, and you can subscribe to a huge selection of craft sodas, lemonades, and sparkling waters. Why not subscribe today?

Thanks for reading to the end. We have a special offer for you. Use code SUB20 to get 20% off your first order of a subscription product!

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Best soda ever! I try to find it in my store and buy as much as I can. Great product.

Joan M Thompson

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