How to Order Kegs from Sprecher Brewery

How to Order Kegs from Sprecher Brewery

Did you know that you can order Sprecher Brewery products by the keg? A keg of Sprecher soda or beer is a great way to impress at your next party or special occasion –– great for graduations, weddings, birthdays, barbeques and more! If you have questions about how to get a Sprecher keg for your next event, we have some answers for you!

Which Sprecher Products come in Kegs?

You can typically get soda and beer by the keg, but availability varies, especially for beer which is sometimes not available at all. Always call at least 3 days in advance at 414-964-2739 to confirm availability of the soda or beer you want, and to give us time to prepare your order.

What Sprecher Keg Sizes are Available?

We have 1/2 barrel (124 pints) and 1/4 barrel (62 pints) kegs available.

What does a Sprecher Keg Cost?

A 1/2 barrel of soda costs $57.50 and a 1/4 barrel of soda costs 37.50. Beer cost varies depending on the type of beer, please call 414-964-2739 for a quote.

There is an additional $30 deposit on the keg regardless of size, a $50 deposit on the pump, and a $5 cleaning charge.

Does Sprecher Deliver Kegs?

Sprecher DOES NOT deliver kegs under any circumstances. If you order a keg, you must come to 701 W. Glendale Avenue to pick it up. When you arrive, we will verify your age (for beer) and take your payment. If you order a 1/2 barrel, please be prepared to help our retail staff lift the keg.

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